Thursday 2nd 7 Friday 3rd June 22

Tuesday 12th July 22

Monday 29th August 22

Friday 23rd December 22 from 1pm

Monday 26th December & Tuesday 27th December 22

Monday 2nd January 23

 Practice Based Learning afternoon closures from 1pm

Thur 26th May 22

Practice Based closure afternoons 1 - 6pm - covered for urgent medical attention by Gp Out of Hours. Tel: 028 91822344




Thur 26th May 22













































Mon 12th July 21

Mon 30th Aug 21

Mon 27th Dec 21

Tue 28th Dec 21


ednesday 28th April 21   1- 6pm

Thursday 17th June 21   1 - 6pm

During these closure periods, if you require urgent medical attention, please contact

Gp Out of Hours - 02891 822344


Thursday 24th December 20 from 1pm

Friday 25th December 20

Monday 28th December 20

Friday 1st January 21


Thursday 26th May 22 from 1pm.




















 Out of Hours

After 6.00pm each evening and at weekends, the practice is covered for emergencies by South Eastern HSS Trust.

Please contact GP OOH 02891822344

All calls will be recorded.

Home Visits

A request for a home visit should be made before 10.00am. Home visits are made on the basis of clinical need, for patients who are too frail to come to the surgery.


Services for asthma are nurse led within the surgery with 1-2 clinics on a week by either Hannah or Hilary

Currently appointments are generally via telephone but a face to face nurse appointment can be requested if preferred.

All patients with a diagnosis of asthma should be reviewed yearly

If you are experiencing any changes in your breathing and already have a diagnosis of asthma, or you feel your inhalers are not as effective please call the surgery

To book an appointment in the asthma clinic please call the surgery

Using your inhaler correctly is critical to managing your asthma well

Some people may be on what is called a MART or SMART regime. This is where they only have one inhaler (either Fostair or Symbicort) and that inhaler is used to both relieve and prevent. The advantage of this is that when symptoms flare up the airways are getting treated with both a steroid to reduce inflammation and a bronchodilator  to open up the airways.

An example of this can be found by clicking on this link

Below are links to some videos to demonstrate how to do so

How to use a pMDI inhaler | Asthma UK (For inhalers such as Ventolin, Fostair, Clenill, Trimbow)

How to use a NEXThaler inhaler | Asthma UK (For inhalers such as nexthaler)

How to use an Ellipta inhaler | Asthma UK (For inhalers such as anoro ellipta or trelegy)

How to use an Accuhaler inhaler | Asthma UK (For inhalers such as Spiriva or Seretide)

How to use a spacer (multiple breath) | Asthma UK (Using a spacer device to tidal breathe)

How to use a spacer (single breath) Asthma UK (Using an inhaler with single breath and hold technique)

Peak Flow Diary

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